About Us

Student story is a platform whose objective is to increase connectivity and provide a medium through which campus life can be glorified. It allows you to stay connected and updated about all the various campus activities. It is important to recognize all the achievements of the students and all the work that they put in their respective fields, to keep them motivated, and Student Story makes it easier to do so. It makes it simple and easy for students to promote and showcase their work.

 The Student Story platform also allows us to focus on the individual activities of the campus that interest us, and we want to stay connected with them. We can be updated on what others in the campus are doing and what events are being held in the campus. The Student Story has the campus activities divided into sub-categories.

Anything related to the campus academics can be viewed under the Academic category. The campus can glorify all its academic achievements under this category. All recent and past academic achievements can be viewed under this category.

In the Art and Culture category, the campus can showcase all of their talented artists and their work; it can also glorify the cultural side of the campus and make it easier for everyone to be updated with the art and cultural activities in the campus.

The Bravery Tales category of the Student Story focuses on praising the brave story of people. The bravery tales category is good for inspiring the students; the tales motivate others to be courageous. By sharing the brave tales, it also helps others to prepare themselves for similar situations.

For all the fashion enthusiasts, the Student Story also has a Fashion category. Anyone who wants to stay updated with the campus fashion life, this category is for them. This category features the fashion events and the fashion life of the campus.

The Social Achievements category features and glorifies the social life of students in the campus and their achievements. It motivates the students to be compassionate and do things that can help others.

Student Story features the campus sports life in the Sports category. All the sports played in the campus are showcased under this category of the Student Story. This category includes all the tournaments that are held on the campus and also other tournaments in which the campus participates. The achievements and efforts of the campus in the field of sports are praised.

To promote students and their extraordinary ideas, Student Story also has a Startups category. This category features campus startups and glorifies their achievements. Students can get inspired by the startups that are showcased in this category and can have a start-up of their own.

The talent hub category glorifies the special talents of the students in various fields and showcases their activities and achievements.

All the categories motivate the students to continue working hard. To all campus achievers, Student Story gives a feeling of recognition and appreciation.